What you want to accomplish today from Rachana Nursery?

1 I want a quick estimate

2 I want to apply for leave

3 I want to explore job opportunity

4 I want to explore supply requirements

5 I want you to visit my site and meet me

6 I want Business Franchise of Rachana Nursery

7 I need my Work experience certificate

How I can make one million in one year with my hard work?

Total working hours in a year=313 day x 8 hour ~ 2500 hours

Target amount: million

Our turn around per hour should be Rs.10,00,000/2504 hours ~ 400 per hour

We have to use this time (8 hour daily for 313 day per year ) to produce 400 saleable units per hour by us to meet our target of one million in one year

Now to make anything we need some raw material and capital to convert them into saleable unit and then sale to someone who will pay us for the product.

Here comes market constraints; someone else may get cheap capital or subsidy or tax Rebates or inferior raw material at cheaper rate.
In above cases your product may not be cost competitive to meet your target

• Here comes nature to your helpmore